13 Reasons Why Some People Achieve Their Goals and Others Don’t

  • Define success for themselves first. In so doing, they can then orient their steps towards it, not getting side-winded by other people’s metrics.

  • Align themselves with other people who have similar goals and values and prioritize connection and community. You become the average of the company you keep, so they keep good company.

  • Move through the fear of trying things they’ve never done before. They know it’s the only way to grow and become the person they hope to be.

  • Reorient their relationship to failure, knowing that you can’t fail if you keep going, and if you never make mistakes, you’re not pushing yourself.

  • Are teachable, open-minded, and curious. Life is a classroom to them and they are insatiable about learning.

  • Ask for the support they need, even when that feels uncomfortable.

  • Connect with their intuition and inner voice as a GPS to guide them.

  • Desire to grow more than they desire to stay comfortable or feel stagnant.

  • Understand that progress is oftentimes a slow accumulation of small wins. 

  • Build in time for rest, recovery, celebration, and play.

  • Dig into their mindsets and inner narratives for better self-understanding and then unlearn what isn’t serving them and create more beneficial thought patterns.

  • Stay open for life to present them with opportunities that may not be on the agenda, but might be even better. 

  • Find people who have gone where they’re headed and enroll them into their mission as coaches, advisers, mentors, and friends.

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