4 Simple Social Media Integration Tactics to Start Using Right Now

No brand will have a worthwhile presence without integrating various social media channels. It took me years to learn this. When social media was new, many people didn’t think it had merit in the business world or that it would be viewed as spam. It’s clear today that this is just not the case.

For years, I have stressed to my clients, partners, and anyone who would listen how important using social media to its full potential to boost your online presence is. Keep reading to learn more about your tactics to integrate social media into your marketing efforts.

Put social sharing links in your blog post.

When you read a blog post, you have likely noticed the social share buttons at the top or bottom of the text. These are designed to help increase your content’s awareness and give your readers an easy way to share it. Adding these to your blog posts is not only recommended but required today.

Adding social share buttons doesn’t need to be overly complex. It’s a good idea to keep things as simple as possible. There’s no need to add every platform out there. Instead, focus on the relevant social platforms to your brand, service, or product.

You shouldn’t spam the site with these. Instead, ensure they remain focused on the most sharable content on your sites, such as videos and blog posts.

Add social posts to your website.

Another way to improve your website while adding social media elements is to include a feed of the posts you have on social media on your web pages. Usually, these are live feeds of the social media posts you have made. You also can add branded hashtags to showcase posts made by your fans and followers.

Add a social login option.

Have you ever visited a website that allows you to log in using your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account? If so, this is a great example of social login.

This represents a great way to integrate social media on your site and how most people want to log in. In fact, one study has proven that up to 73 percent of users want to log in using their social media accounts.

This makes sense. Customers can simply use their existing accounts rather than having to create new ones.

Integrate social media on your website.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways to integrate social media into your website. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will ensure that your site gets the most views and use as possible. When you make your blogs and posts easy to share on social media, it is more likely that your visitors will take this step and help share your content and website.

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